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Above & Beyond Wellfleet

A memoir about welcoming life after loss

“I picked up my pen a little over a month before my husband died and started writing my heart out; I never stopped. The stories in Above & Beyond Wellfleet are a peek into that heart. A heart which was breaking. This book is about love lost and courage gained. While grief is universal, each response is unique. Grief hollows a person. Just when strength and courage are required, the spirit is frail. These stories are about the unwelcome challenge of learning to live alone—not by choice but by circumstance. They are about the monumental and the mundane aspects of creating a new way of living.”

Constance B. Wilder


“A powerful marriage of image and emotion...” –Porter Shreve, Award winning author and Director, Creative Writing Program, Purdue University

“Exquisite and haunting—a courageous and bold openness” –Kristine Steinberg, Founder and CEO, Kismet Consulting

“Poignant stories--especially The Money--ironically the last taboo of polite conversation even though it affects our lives on every level.” –Sharon Prizant, Vice President & Marketing Officer, Cumberland Advisors.

“This book should be the bible for anyone suffering loss and willing to look into the heart”–Anne P. Potter, Former Director, Senior Center, New Milford, CT.

Constance B. Wilder spent over forty years in communications and special events management. She wrote for others most of those years. Now, she writes for herself.

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To contact the author, please write to Constance B. Wilder at: connie@tinytomespublishing.combar.

Above & Beyond Wellfleet

Tiny Tomes

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