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Welcoming Life

August 2012


I suppose I should issue a warning to my family and friends that if you have touched a part of my life and I can find some image to convey that in this blog--well, I will. This is the latest contribution to my happiness.
This summer I had a wonderful lunch with long time friends where we lingered over stories of our shared experiences covering close to 40 years. We laughed, we shed a few tears and strengthened bonds which  were created over many years. There was an empty seat at the table--we were five when most of our experiences were shared as six. These friends loved my late husband, and we talked freely about how many of our memories included him.
Today, I received in the mail this sampler with a card from one of the couples with the following message that went straight to my heart . This sentence especially--"Con, saw this and thought of you--what a journey to happiness you've had."
I really didn't know what shape this blog would take. I knew I wanted it to be a companion to my book Above & Beyond Wellfleet. Little did I know, how much it would emphasize just how "Beyond" I've come.
The point of sharing this gift with you, is not to boast about how lucky I am to have such dear friends. It is rather to say--"hold on". When you can't see the possibility of happiness--it will come.  Connie


When visiting friends several years ago, we visited a beautiful sculpture garden in Tubac, AZ. This magnificent sculpture took my breath away. 

More than the beauty of the image, I felt the artist captured what "the hand in friendship" truly means.

For the past ten years, my family and friends extended their love for me with every sinew. I could not have climbed "my rock" without them.

The musings in this blog will have no specific themes--however, the love of family and friends will be a common thread--as well as gratitude.   Connie

Welcoming Life

When I moved "Beyond Wellfleet", my dear (and talented) friend Patty Adduci gave me this needlepoint. I hung it on the wall of my new home almost before the paint dried.
It followed me to my second home and reminds me every morning to think of flowers 
and the fading cold of winter--caused by sorrow.

The subtitle of Above & Beyond Wellfleet is "Welcoming Life After Loss". In this blog, I hope to expand the welcoming part of moving on from loss. I also hope to spur a conversation which highlights just how hard--but possible it is to see the "flowers appear on the earth".

My "flowers" have been the family and friends who have walked with me. It may sound corny, but with this blog, I'd like that garden to grow. 




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