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Reviews and Comments:

In the Introduction to her book Above and Beyond Wellfleet, Constance B. Wilder wrote — “Grieving is the supreme test in understanding ourselves. While building strength after devastating loss, I wrote this book for others to lean on, hoping the words would fill a void caused by loss.”

In press comments, Wilder offered these thoughts: "Grief has no expiration date. People want you to get over it, and you want to get over it. Well-meaning friends will ask how you are doing, and they want you to say 'Fine'. But the real answer is: 'I'm really, really awful.' It's hard not to become impatient with your grief; it comes in waves. Others need to be patient too, but ultimately it is up to the grieving person to dig deeply to find the strength to heal.

I spent a lot of time coming up with the subtitle of the book: A memoir about welcoming life after loss, because I believe it is possible to find new joys to balance the sorrow."


The following readers’ responses reveal that the book does provide inspiration as well as comfort.

“Above and Beyond Wellfleet is a remarkable—perhaps unique—book.” One can imagine thousands of readers tucking Above and Beyond Wellfleet into their purses, briefcases and under pillows keeping it close for reassurance—even inspiration.”


“Your book is extraordinarily touching and educational. It is a loving manual about how to go on.”


“This remarkable memoir is guaranteed to lift your spirits.”

Friendship, Maine friend

“It is brave and beautiful.”


“Your book drew me into every scene and emotion.”


“It should be a movie.”


“Beautifully written! A story of resilience and courage, love and loss, and above all the struggle to find joy in life even when your heart is broken. The words will stay with you long after you close the book.”


“Above and Beyond Wellfleet will help people heal. I also found it to be thought-provoking on a host of family and aging issues.”


“Above and Beyond Wellfleet is a book that will make you examine your own life, whether or not you’ve suffered devastating loss.”


Above & Beyond Wellfleet

Tiny Tomes

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